Find solutions and make things easier, that’s for Per Olof Björnsson in field 370 kilometers from Stockholm district Skarpnäck the daily challenge: ”ProPart is producing partner,” says the managing director of Devex ProPart AB. ”We want our customers at all stages of fabrication are at your side.” From the design and optimization of the components to manufacturing to complete assembly, the 57 employee strong family can take over everything.

”We develop components and products with the customer, so we can rule out that there is in production due to the design problems,” explains Björnsson. Some client outsource individual parts or the entire production of Devex. ”Some clients do not have their own production or they lack the necessary knowledge. Then we help them to optimize their production, ”said Björnsson.

The tool room supplies customers with appropriate special tools for their machines. As a full-service provider to be present, is a competitive advantage for Björnsson. Devex can be had for everything from laser cutting over the bending, punching, milling up for MIG welding. As diverse himself designed the spectrum of customers, ”It is easier to say, for which industries we do not work,” says Björnsson and laughs. ”These are the automotive and telecommunications industries. They require very large quantities and we are in the small and medium sizes at home. ”

For the food industry Devex made, for example, a machine for measuring the fat content of milk. The parts are bent fully automatically. Both TRUMPF press brakes work with BendMaster: ”We were the first in Sweden,” says Björnsson. ”With automation, we remain competitive with the competition from Asia. That is why we have invested in a Cell 7000 TruBend. ”

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